We know what we’re doing--inside and outside of the courtroom.  

  • Our three principals, Earl Nesbitt, David Vassar, and Jim McCown practiced law for many years at a large and highly respected Texas law firm.  We learned the law from first-rate lawyers and became skilled in handling lawsuits and business matters of all sizes and all disciplines.  We started our firm in 2001 and continue to handle our clients’ business today.  
  • Don’t be fooled by others’ tales of prior victories.  A lawyer’s ability is determined by the facts of the case and their client’s objectives, not by how much money the lawyer made.  Did the lawyer win the cases they were supposed to win, and limit the damage in the cases that had problems?  


Our firm honestly answers those questions, and will use that experience to help you with your unique situation.  

Client Focused

Our ability to better serve our clients is threefold:

  • We have lower overhead than large firms.  We haven’t immersed ourselves in elaborate furnishings or designer offices while passing that cost along to our clients.  This allows us to provide superior legal services at competitive rates.  We also have the flexibility to tailor fee arrangements to suit specific cases—something else the big firms won’t do.
  • We know business and will get to know your situation.  We know what you expect and deserve from your lawyer, and we’re prepared to deliver. 
  • Our partners personally represent our clients, rather than delegating your case to lawyers with whom you are unfamiliar.  Although we use associates when appropriate to manage your legal costs, a partner will directly oversee every aspect of your case.